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Here's What's Up Right NOW

I am tapping back into my tapestry of creativity. Slowly getting back into writing — showing up at work with the best I have to offer right now. Seth Godin taught me, being shit at shipping gets me better at shipping. So here I go.

And now, proudly presenting — since September 6, 2018 I am taking The Bootstrappers Workshop by the one and only, Seth Godin. My mom paid for it… I’ll pay her back, I promise.

Soon, I will catch up with my poet — Spinks, Lee Spinks. We go crazy together, discover the Baltic States, mostly Estonia and then Russia (first time ever), between 22nd of September up to 22rd of October.

On 24th of October I am off to 10-days of hardcore meditation. I can’t talk there, read, or watch anyone in the eye. There’s a long list of nonsense. Yeah, smarty pants, its Vipassana. After my first, back in February 2016 in Texas, I vowed I will never get enlightened in this lifetime. This is REAL shit. Not REAL work per say. Just REAL deep shit. 100-hours of meditation in 10-days. That’s nuts 🔥 it’s been calling. Maybe, one day I can put into words why my name was screamed.


I am a slow reader. I like to take my time, like a lot of time. I literally breathe books, one page at a time, maybe few if it’s a generous day.

Books I have lately enjoyed / currently enjoy:

There’s more, because I cannot NOT shuffle between books — psst, don’t tell others.

Allow me to surprise myself, Instagram has become an addiction of my creative heaven lately — weekly, if not daily, I might scroll through posts for 1-2h. I lose a sense of time. Shoot, what’s time anyway?

My favorite Insta drugs:

  • Jedidiah Jenkins — I fucking love his words. He has a book coming out in October called To Shake the Sleeping Self: A Journey from Oregon to Patagonia, and a Quest for a Life with No Regret. I preordered it!!! For two years, I have wanted to hold it in my hands, sleep with it and become one with his words.
  • Brianna Madia — what an amazing kickass storyteller
  • Cuchira — she’s a bit scary to me but oh, her authenticity, honesty, and vulnerability are beyond the beyond. I drink it. I drown in it. I breathe easier. I am encouraged to write down my own shit.
  • Conni Biesalski — I guess, I listen and read her stuff for a research to the loveORfear project. Her sharings literally remind me of the bullshit in spirituality which she’s quite good at pinpointing, either clearly or blindly.

There’s more but that’s enough. Let’s embrace valuables that enrich my life.


In November 2017 I began writing the first ever draft of a memoir called LOVE OR FEAR: the Journey Into the Unknown.

I wrote almost 4 months and then life happened. I had to stop. My body went through a journey of its own. Eight months later, in August 2018 I began taking tiny steps to continue from where I left of. I will show up. I will create. I will write. I will ship.

Here’s a short video from years of being on the road → it covers only 5 months, a cycling stretch from a five and half year journey I undertook, first with money, then with no money on the bases of kindness that changed all of me.


In June I purchased a course Grow Your Audience by Paul Jarvis. I haven’t started yet.

Since March 2018, marketing is something that gifts me all-nighters. Here’s whose work and what I enjoy after eliminating marketing bullshit and distilling down to few doers I ABSOLUTELY LOVE:

  • Paul Jarvis — he helps people and businesses to do more with less. His runs many things, one of my favorites is his online course Grow Your Audience.
  • Shane Melaugh from ActiveGrowth — he helps you to become an effective entrepreneur by building valuable, long-lasting online businesses on a bootstrap budget.
  • Jason and Caroline Zook from Wandering Aimfully— they love to help you if you’re an independent creative who wants to earn more so you can live more. To me, they are the leaders of out-of-the-box no-bullshit example.
  • Seth Godin — you care for honest insights? Dig his more than 7,000 posts, articles, or take one of his marketing courses (The Bootstrappers Workshop which I am taking, altMBA, The Marketing Seminar), or just start with his brilliant podcast Akimbo on changing the culture.
  • Rich Tabor — he’s not per say a marketing guy but all he does equals great marketing, and therefore a great example
  • Matt Giovanisci from MoneyLab — he’s a serial entrepreneur. Half Italian. And Money Lab is where he challenges himself to make money building profitable brands by ignoring online marketing bullshit. Go deep.
  • Austin Kleon — if there’s only one person to talk about creativity, it’s him. Don’t believe me? Sniff one of his books or read his blog.

They all have ONE THING IS COMMON — no bullshit and as honest as fuck.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the radio show Healing Your Empathic Heart by Matt Kahn (I know, I am obsessed with this guy — how can I not if everything he says is pure gold).

Gosh, I listen to many podcasts. It’s my newfound love. Next time, when updating this page again, I will write them down, the ones most impactful.


Thirty three and still single : ) I love being with myself. That’s how I become myself.


It’s strong as never before. I have lost some weight, I guess, because of lifestyle changes.


Some projects I have done — loved, hated and enjoyed — during 2018:

  • and — I co-created with a friend of mine, and then I stepped out. It’s a project that is highly targeted to a specific group of people/businesses, focusing only on migrating small WordPress websites from HTTP to HTTPS. That’s all.
  • Crystal Lights Boutique — it all happened fast when suddenly I heard of them and then began recreating their online presence → content creation, marketing, segmenting. I became their website master which gave me. the boost to apply what I had learned and. was learning about marketing on a real tangible project that has great potential. Before I dug deep they also gifted me 1/4th of the company shares. This eCommerce website is here to help light up the world with one crystal at a time by making the best, and selling the best, crystal lamps the world has ever seen.
  • — for few months I worked with Merit Raju to uplevel her email marketing platform from MailChimp account to Drip ECRM with the aim to get advanced, also bit easier and cheaper, features that would support her future plans (online courses) with the focus — to send the right email to the right person at the right time. That’s been a whole lot of fun and stress at once. Again, mostly unpaid. Freelancing for an ice-cream run.

What's Up Next?

Here’s a poem I wrote in January 2018:

What comes comes anyways.
Why ‘what’ comes is what I need.
When ‘why’ comes is divinely timed in me.

I have to become aware of it, to feel it.
I have to feel it, to transform it.
I have to transform it, to be it.
And I will survived it, to live it.

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